AirBnB/Vacation Rental in room TV Menu and Guide

I rent my house on airBNB, I would like the TV's to look like ones in a hotel. With a Menu to choose what device to use and a welcome video.

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See above :) I would like to smack a rasberry pie and some kind of HDMI splitter to the back of the TV's in my house so I could have the TV, Blu-RAY, Dish, Apple TV, controlled by one remote and also have a welcome screen on the TV playing a channel about the house (how to turn on the jacuzzi, where to hike, see a movie, etc.. ) and I imagine since it's Rasberry pi, I could also have an "apps" button and then another menu with Netflix, Amazon, etc...

And then control it all with some simple off the shelf apple TV style rechargable remote that you could program to control everything.

Tired of losing remotes and changing batteries and getting calls about the dumbest questions from guests.

Also would be super cool.

I know some of this is already possible with Plex right? Also would be cool to add a library of "On Demand" movies from another Pi Running Plex connected to a Drive locked in a closet or something. Don't know copyright legality o

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