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A project log for Keyboard FeatherWing

A FeatherWing with a LCD, BB Q10 keyboard and a 5-way button.

arturo182arturo182 06/25/2019 at 17:150 Comments

I'm currently working on a second rev of the PCB, there's very few changes, as all the HW is working, just need to change one footprint and do some silkscreen adjustments.

After that is done I want to use Seeed's 5 pcs PCBA offer to get a test run on producing the FeatherWings.

I want to give away these 5 pcs to people who can help with creating CircuitPyton examples, writing documentation, creating a case, or can contribute in some other way. Feel free to contact me via Twitter: @arturo182

After the 5pcs arrive and are verified, I can seriously look into producing a larger number of these and putting them up for sale.

This is where I could use your help, I have created a Google Form with some questions of what you expect of the project and me, if you could fill it out, that would be really great. You can access it here:

I have also made a quick demo of using the FeatherWing as a Serial Terminal, you can check it out here: