Meditation Audio Pod

Enter the meditation pod that soothes with sounds of rainfall.
Created in collaboration with Toronto mosaic sculptor Mehtap Mertdogan.

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What happens when a mosaic sculptor and a hardware hacker collaborate?

The meditation pod was conceived to give humans a chance to momentarily escape the over-stimulation of modern life, and find calm and peace inside an ornate, organic pod. It entrances the weary traveler with the glimmer of its gemstones, and washes away their internal chatter with the soothing sound of rainfall.

Seriously, check out Mehtap's intricate mosaic work here:

OK, enough magic...gimme the hardware details!

Sure, I suppose science/engineering is as cool as magic. The sculpture was retrofitted with a not-that-elaborate circuit, consisting of:

1. An Adafruit Feather and Music Maker Wing to form the core intelligence.
2. A pair of solderable speakers and an SD card to play rain sounds.
3. A motion sensor to detect when someone is present in the pod.

More specific details (and lots of photos) can be found in the parts list and build instructions!


Main Arduino sketch

ino - 2.84 kB - 12/26/2019 at 22:00


  • 1 × Adafruit Huzzah32 ESP32 Feather Most other Feather boards should work, too.
  • 1 × Adafruit Music Maker Featherwing
  • 2 × Adafruit 3 inch diameter speakers Or whichever size you want. These are pretty big :) Nice and loud.
  • 1 × Adafruit PIR (motion) sensor
  • 1 × MicroSD card Any size that can hold the music/sound file. Mine was a 2GB recycled from an old phone.

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  • 1
    Solder header pins into the Music Maker FeatherWing board

    The header pins should've come with the board. To make it easy, push the pins into a breadboard and place the FeatherWing on top, then solder away. Solder to the outer holes.

  • 2
    Solder screw terminals to the Music Maker FeatherWing

    To make it easy, take the board off the breadboard and flip it upside down, then solder.

  • 3
    Plug the Music Maker FeatherWing onto the Huzzah32 Feather board

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