Out of 2019 Hackaday Prize but not discontinued

A project log for CircuitMega: Ultimate desktop PCB manufacturing

Be empowered to turn any circuit design, in an easy, fast and cost-effective way, into something real

Victor DediosVictor Dedios 08/22/2019 at 15:230 Comments

Hello there!

It's been a long time since I do not give you any updates about this project and I would like to announce that I cannot make it for 2019 Hackaday Prize. Hardware development takes a lot effort and time. I have made several improvements on this project but I realized I wouldn't be able to meet the contest requirements as well as timings. I had another ongoing, more comercial, project on which I worked for the last year.  Its name is Playloop, a retro handheld gaming system for smartphones. I have never published any source information about it and, after reconsidering its state, I have decided to open-source and sharing it with all the community as well as focusing to presenting it for the 2019 Hackaday Prize Contest. If you are curious you can check it on this link or look for it in my bio.

Anyway all this doesn't mean that I will not continue working on this project. I am just being realistic and want to develop it in a less stressful way, as well as having fun an enjoying it which is an important aspect if you want to keep the right mood when facing problems (which happens to be all the time)  ;)