Uploaded 3D print files for main body

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Teach elementary and middle-school students about robotics with a DIY battle bots kit.

Misty LackieMisty Lackie 07/01/2019 at 17:340 Comments

Uploaded the 3D print obj files for the main bot body (side walls, bottom plate, top plate, front/back plates). Holes are in the exact positions needed to attach L brackets for assembly. We will upload a 3D print file for L brackets soon along with illustrated instructions.

Next up is creating the 1st extension piece that will go on the front of the bot. We plan to create 3 of these (typical slant piece, spinner piece, flipper piece).

We are also working on illustrations for creating all of these pieces with coroplast or cardboard for those who don't have the ability to 3D print.