In this project I will show you how to build a steady hand game. It uses a very simple circuit and is made of solid core wire that you can bend into whatever shape you like.

The circuit 

The circuit for this project acts as a latch. When the person playing the game touches the wires together a buzzer will turn on and will not turn of unless the reset button is pressed. I have included a schematic below. Alternatively you could build this project without the circuit and just connect the buzzer directly to the wires so when the wires touch it will act like a switch causing the buzzer to turn on but when the wires stop touching the buzzer will turn off.

Forming the wire

To make the main structure of the game I will use 2.5mm solid copper wire. I got my wire by removing the sheath from some twin and earth cable (UK)  and stripping the insulation off one of the conductors.

Once you have you wire clamp one end in a vice and grip the other end of the wire with some pliers and then pulling on the pliers to straighten the wire. Now that you are left with a straight piece of wire you can bend it into what ever shape you want the game to be.

Then use a shorter piece of wire to form the handle for the game. Make the ring at then end bigger or smaller to change the difficulty of the game.


Now that you have all the components made for your game all you need to do is connect it together.

You may want to make an enclosure to house the circuit and hide all the connections. To do this chose a suitable size project box and drill two small holes in the top to pass the ends of the end wire though and secure it in place with hot glue. Then drill a hole for the reset switch and tighten the switch into place using the nut provided. Also drill a small hole for the wire to pass though for the handle.

Solder flexible wire to the handle and connect it to the circuit and solder another piece of wire to the bent wire and connect that to the circuit. Use the schematic to help you.


Now just simply power the circuit with some batteries or a power adapter. I chose to power it using 3 AA batteries giving a voltage of 4.5V but you could use any voltage as high as your buzzer is rated.

So once the project is powered when you touch the handle to the wire the buzzer will turn on and you will need to press the reset button to turn of the buzzer.


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