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Convert FPV racing drone into an interceptor using Raspberry Pi

Ray PatelRay Patel 05/17/2019 at 03:060 Comments

Basic SBUS, webcam, remote control target box, switched modes (start > manual targeting > auto tracking), OpenCV tracker, and casting to FPV screen working.  Found a slight flicker/noise problem on SBUS read in Rasp Pi every now and then.  I've debugged it down to the obtrusive OpenCV webcam frame grab .read(); so I plan to use threading.

My apologies, I need to increase my 'webcam' budget for taking these videos.  (consider them 'retro' at NTSC 30Hz)

You may see the 'User Targeting' or 'Tracking' label on the screen.  I'm using switch 'F' achannel(9) to control if user can move the box and resize (VrB Knob achannel(7)).  When switching out of 'User Targeting' the code is setup to automatically start the tracker with that current box defining the ROI (region of interest).