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starlordstarlord 05/22/2019 at 06:230 Comments

as stated in the description this is a ongoing project from last year that I have been working on for a number of years so I will start up the new contest where I left off and be discussing what I been up to as discussed earlier I have been looking at this project from many different angles one of which was to find some interested party's in the aviation sector basically anyone anybody that would care to give some of there input on the subject not that I was expecting much or anything but you never know till you try. you cant win the lottery till you buy a ticket and in most cases that's exactly how the world works its not so much the ideal or design but who presents it to whom at the right time and under the right circumstances that hard reality is a fact of life that I learned decades ago so for the average folk like you and me its a long hard lonely road to try to advance any project let alone one this monumental or this far in to the crackpot zone. you can look at the aviation pioneer Vincent bearineli who I give homage to for this design hardly anybody knows his name even though every plane we fly in has his design's and patents in it. that he never enforced or had  the funds to hire lawyers to get composition from the major aircraft manufactures. just one thought  in a alternant realty if his lifting body fuselage designs would have prevailed over the round body designs which are cheaper and easier to build 100s thousands or more people would have had a better chance for survival having aircraft with a better engine out glide ratio and takeoff and landing at 50mph or less. than taking off and landing at 200mph and if the engines go out on the currant type your most likely dead. this is a early and continuing example of corporate greed and a system where your life does actually have a price on it . so I wasn't expecting much help or input from this sector frankly I am surprised if anybody answers any of my e mails under any circumstances for anything. but I said what the hell all it costs is computer time so I spent somewhere around 5 or 6 months doing research  off and on. on pretty much every aviation aerospace company every aviation affiliated corporation every space startup on the planet. I looked at the history the corporate structure the products. who are the players the contacts the contracts. I started and planed my PR campaign like a military operation thinking maybe I will get a hit. but going through the process all the research I did on the subject finding various company's that I never knew existed and what and how some of these entities operated and where doing was way more valuable than the original task basically learning the currant state of the art and corporate climate in overview for the entire world aerospace industry. and I know I probably missed a few this research is still ongoing. so I sent out around 2700 emails a lot where personal tailored to each individual or company then I started sending a bunch of cut and past of different types telling what im doing and was surprised to get some polite replays a very few from individuals from some of the major players in the field  most where polite replays  sounds interesting thanks for thanking of us. I am shore  I could have done a better job at this endeavor with better presentation more persistence and better follow-up I know they have a whole industry devoted for just that task but this is the one man low budget space program.  I did get 2 nice very encouraging e mails a little better than the others. and had a good talk with a nasa  affiliate that was encouraging. but at the end of the day as stated earlier the research  and knowledge gained was more valuable than the results from any inquiry. so at the end of it I got no solid results from this track but that hasn't discouraged me one bit and it shouldn't discourage the other people out there trying to get out there ideals and designs you have to keep on driving on.  next I will be talking about my other side track more interesting .