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A Open-source ROS Omnidirectional mobile platform

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This omnidirectional mobile platform will be totally open-source when I finish it.You can build a omnidirectional mobile platform easily. You even don't need to buy the mecanum wheels. My previous project will guide you to make the mecanum wheels by yourself!You can find my previous project here -> a omnidirectional mobile platform you can do many funny thing. I am planing to do SLAM on my omnidirectional mobile platform. And I will update the progress of my project on the logs.Have fun!

Detail of the project:

I used 4 DC motors with encoder to drive my mobile platform. They are all second-hand motors so they are very very cheap about 2$.

And I used two TB6612 to drive these motors.

I have finished designing the PCB of my mobile platform. It cost me about 2 days.

I used stm32f103c8t6 to be the main controller of the mobile platform. And I used Raspberry Pi with ROS to be the upper computer. My SLAM program is going to run on the Raspberry Pi.

And I also connect a Lidar to the Raspberry Pi.

I made four mecanum wheel by myself, and designed the mechanical structure.

The platform are mainly consisted of 2020 aluminum profiles.

  • Assembling~

    Tony-Lin05/13/2019 at 18:19 0 comments

    I tried to assemble my mobile platform tonight, but unfortunately I lost one of the car rolls of the mecanum wheel. So I could only assemble three mecanum wheels. And the worse thing is my 3d printer broke up tonight, I have to replace a nozzle of my 3d printer. 

    What a sad story……

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