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A project log for (AT) Mega Enigma, a 2560 Pro Mini Enigma Simulator

A minimalist 139x171x50mm Enigma Machine Simulator with working plugboard using an ATmega 2560 Pro Mini and a custom PCB.

Arduino EnigmaArduino Enigma 06/16/2019 at 05:510 Comments


Mini Meduino Mega 2560 R3 Board Pro Mini ATMEGA16U2 with Male header for Arduino

0.8" 0.8in 16 Segments display 27.7x20mm 0.8 inch"+0.8in+16+Segments+display+27.7x20mm+0.8+inch


10 3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Jack Connector panel mount

10 6" 3.5mm Synth Patch CABLE black"+3.5mm+Synth+Patch+CABLE+black


-connect ground (left pin) on plugboard to ground (left pin)  on main board with a 1K resistor in case a patch cable touches the jack and the ground pin of a TVS, the pin is not shorted to ground. 


arduino nano v3

0.56" 7 Segment LED Display Common cathode"+7+Segment+LED+Display+Common+Cathode

Common Components:

5mm straw hat led

6x6x5 pushbutton blue / black / 1 red

2 Position SPDT 1P2T 3 Pin PCB Panel Vertical Slide Switch

m2 standoff

10pcs 3 Pin PCB Mount 5.5x2.1mm Female DC Power Jack Socket Connector V6Z5

copper 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Power Jack Socket Female Panel Mount Connector plug

4 AAA Cells Battery Holder