Added menu to edit UKWD

A project log for (AT) Mega Enigma, a 2560 Pro Mini Enigma Simulator

A minimalist 139x171x50mm Enigma Machine Simulator with working plugboard using an ATmega 2560 Pro Mini and a custom PCB.

Arduino EnigmaArduino Enigma 10/22/2019 at 04:380 Comments

This simulator already had 5 UKWD rewirable reflectors, 4 were available to be used with the M3 machine, the other with the KD. The D reflector wiring can be changed in the field. The 5 reflectors included are examples of known wirings used at some point in time.A mechanism was needed to change the actual wiring of the reflector in this simulator.

Adding an item now to the menu system is easier than developing it from scratch. It is just a matter of inserting an item in the existing menu system. The UKWD sub menu has two special features, it is skipped if the currently selected machine did not have a D reflector, and the user cannot leave that menu until the pairs specified are correct.

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