Universal control board for rapid prototyping of robots based on ESP32.

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RBControl is a low-cost universal control board for robots based on ESP32. It was developed at Robotárna (department of DDM Helceletova Brno - local youth center). Its design is optimized so event a 13-year-old can populate and use the board.

Features of the board:
- up to 8 DC motors (1.5 A average, 2 A peak per motor), possibly with an encoder;
- it can power and control 8 servo motors;
- I2C headers for up to 6 peripherals (4x 3V3, 2x 5V);
- I2C GPIO expander, which adds two ports (A and B), 8 GPIOs each;
- 3 push buttons, 4 LEDs and a piezo buzzer built-in;
- it is powered by two Li-ion cells with reverse polarity and over-discharge protection
- all ESP32 pins are accessible via pin headers
- each pin has a corresponding GND, 3V3 and 5V pin

Features of the library:
- drivers for all built-ins
- PID regulators for the motors
- implementation of a protocol allowing remote control via an Android phone
- the GUI of the remote control is specified via HTM

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