The Greedy Trash Bin

The widget Apple wanted but I open-sourced it first

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One of the countless features of YGWM is the "Greedy Trash Bin", a desktop widget that has feelings such as hunger, excitement, disappointment, pleas you and curses you...
I'm redesigning it from scratch for better look, richer behaviour and more languages !
And it's still under Affero GPL v3.

Trigger warning: contains JavaScript...

This is a sub-project for #YGWM Whygee's JavaScript Window Manager

Sometimes you need to erase something and the old "trash can" or "trash bin" widget comes to mind. Let's see how cool this inocuous piece of SW can become.

Better design, better integration, better interaction, better character, more languages ?

So far there are only to visual states and 5 behaviours/internal states, and 4 or 5 languages.

If you want to translate or add more idioms, feel free to contribute !

Todo :

  • redesign/redraw the trash icon in bitmap and vector formats (or resized bitmap ?)
  • right-click on the icon to open a "contents & options" window, allowing emptying or restoration of erased items
  • rewrite the whole system, make it more portable and cleaner

1. More definitions


  • More definitions

    Yann Guidon / YGDES02/12/2017 at 23:40 1 comment

    20170211 : meeting with the illustrious illustrator, and discussions about the behaviour, moods and character of the trash bin.

    So there are 7 states, plus 2 "filling" states, with the character being smaller or larger, depending on the presence of erased elements. I'll probably handle the "mood" and the "filling" states independently to avoid having to handle 2×7=14 drawings.

    The new states might require new words/sayings and their translations...

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Eric Hertz wrote 10/22/2016 at 03:50 point

Man, I wish I'da saved that old "toilet" icon I created to replace the trash-bin in MacOS 7.5... That thing was stinky! Not sure I'd want to recover a file that'd been sitting in there ;)

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 10/22/2016 at 18:38 point

Hahahaha no thanks, I'm aiming at much better than that ;-)

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