Open Project Box

Open Source modular framework for custom project boxes.

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Open Project Box is a modular framework for creating all sizes permanent or semi permanent project boxes. By combining the panels you need e.g. cooling (fan panels), acces (door panels), info (panel meter/lcd panels), window panels etc. You can create your own custom project boxes. And if you need to change your application... you can change your project box to.

If you would like to contribute to the project, take a look at the github repository.

If there are any questions please let me know.

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deadpangold wrote 11/12/2016 at 20:26 point

Good idea. I'd consider using this but my needs are for boxes at the smaller end - 100x100x2U and smaller. The 15mm square aluminium profile takes up a lot of space in the smaller boxes.

I'm wondering why you use slots in the floor-panels but round screw-holes everywhere else?

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SephenDeVos wrote 11/14/2016 at 07:46 point

Hi Deadpangold,

For smaller boxes I don't think the use of aluminium profiles is needed. When using only one panel per side you could do with only 90 degree angle brackets.

The slots are there mainly to support the use of the forenamed angle brackets, there are a lot of different types on the market with each of them different hole spacings. So its to give a little bit more play.

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agp.cooper wrote 10/22/2016 at 14:13 point


As you are probably aware Thingiverse has a few box macros (openscad) that may be worth a look.

Have a look at the "living hinge" as well.

I published a simple box macro (basic) in DeltaCad:

For my macro I found that creating a basic box and then editing the sides for my project works okay.

The next step up would be a library of standard parts or cutouts and 3D visualisation.

Anyway, best of luck with your project, AlanX

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SephenDeVos wrote 10/24/2016 at 11:01 point

Hi AlanX,

I'm indeed a frequent visitor of Thingiverse, YouMagine etc., and made/printed a few boxes and those are fine. The only issue that i was having was that when I upgrade, change or add something to my project i have to modify the box too, Which in most cases meant that I had to make a new enclosure. Im using this method in a few projects now and it gives me a bit more freedom. Its far from the holy grail but maybe it can help someone.

filling the Github repository as we speak!


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