PCB and components ordered

A project log for Cuttlephone: Gamepad Phone Case

A USB HID gamepad integrated into a phone case.

MaaveMaave 07/24/2019 at 02:350 Comments
Thank you Hackaday and Digikey for the flex PCB coupon!

OSHPark takes .kicad_pcb files directly so ordering this was stupidly easy. August 5th product date. Mark your calendars!

Most of the components were ordered from Digikey except for the USB-C connector (Molex 105444) which was out of stock. Had to order that from Mouser. For all the Digikey parts I picked the parts following this video, picking SMD components, and I uploaded the BOM CSV for easier ordering.

Hmm, what to work on while I wait ....