Better boards for the task?

A project log for DIY SamplePad Controller (MkI)

A unit to allow sample audio files be triggered and played by Roland drum pads

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 06/26/2019 at 23:560 Comments

So far the project is 2/3 worked out; my menu and GUI is all working, I know how to read my pads via analog pins, but in Just need to get playback working well with the M0 board.

Tonight I have been trying to make progress on playback, using a serial input to trigger wav files to be played from the SD card, but at the minute it plays garbled sounds. I'm hoping to track down where I've gone wrong sooner rather than later, as I'd like to get this working for our drummer soon.

I've started to have a few doubts as to whether I am going to be able to achieve the level of performance I would like to get from this board, and have wondered if i could achieve better results with a different board?

My options:

Pi - easy shout, this one. Wav player could be written in Pygame, can use the encoder and LCD display as planned. I'd need to pair it with a microcontroller to accommodate it's lack of Analog pins.

PCDuino - I have an old v1 in a drawer which could work. Should be able to handle Python and Pygame plan no problem, plus has Arduino compatible pins for piezo reading.

Intel Edison/Galileo - I have these boards gathering dust somewhere, just screaming out to be used in a project.

I've never used them before so set up may be tricky, but their arduino compatible pins and their running of Yocto Linux could be of advantage.

I'm open to thoughts - post a comment and let me know your views!