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A project log for DIY SamplePad Controller (MkI)

A unit to allow sample audio files be triggered and played by Roland drum pads

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 07/09/2020 at 23:150 Comments

Pre-lockdown, I managed to get this version of the controller out together and, while it worked, it wasn't as usable as I wanted it to be.

Recently I've been using Pure Data to create patches for another project, and it has now given me a new angle from which to approach this project.

I will recycle the Arduino Mega code to read the inputs, but instead of using those to fire off serial commands to various mp3 modules I will send an array of the values to a Pure Data patch via serial.

In my testing I have been able to load some sample wavs and trigger them from the Arduino data, which is awesome! Next up is to try and use that passed value as the velocity of each hit.

Once I'm happy with that side of things I will look to provide data going back to the Arduino to display on an LCD screen, and look to incorporate some options for switching banks of wav files.

Finally, once I'm happy with this on my laptop I will migrate it to a Pi with a Justboom amp/DAC hat. I'm also going to try running it on an old windows 8 tablet to get use out of some things gathering dust. If I manage I will ditch the LCD screen and incorporate a GUI in the Pure Data patch.