Mark 2 - Development Update

A project log for Edgerton, A High-Speed LED Flash

Affordable photography tool used to capture images of bullets with no apparent motion blur

tyler-gerritsenTyler Gerritsen 11/02/2019 at 02:080 Comments

Development is continuing!  Here are a few blurbs about recent design work.

Control Board Design 95% Complete

The main control board design has been generally completed.  A few minor tweaks need to be implemented (primarily related to the high-power DC converter, which hasn't been designed yet).  Some testing has been performed with the prototype board and the MIC2171 flyback converter I found on eBay

High-Voltage Boost Converter

The MIC2171 has been working great for charging the capacitors, but there are a few problems.  The transformer was optimized for higher voltages, and the converter control isn't ideal.  I found the MIC3172 is very similar, but has an ENABLE pin.  I designed a converter based on the MIC3172 and a Coilcraft DA2032-AL transformer, which is ideal for 120-volt output.  The entire package is a little less expensive than the eBay converter, but unfortunately adds some work for manufacturing.

Active Light Probe & Integrating Sphere

I need to plug NQTRONIX and his active light probe.  It has been perfect for taking direct measurements of the light output with the new control board.  A paper mache'd exercise ball makes a reasonably good integrating sphere.  The light output on a bank of three LED's is a bit too bright for the light probe, so more recently I added a mount for a 77mm ND filter.  I have a 6-stop and a 10-stop filter, so eventually I can measure the output of the entire flash.

Test Data Available On Github

I'm making an effort to upload all of my test data for Edgerton and the Mark 2 to github (  This can hopefully be useful for anyone else interested in working with high-speed LED pulses.