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A project log for MockA65xx - Universal 6502/85xx CPU replacement

Project to reverse-engineer and create edge-level exact replacements for major MOS6502-derivatives and also other MOS/CSG chips!

androSIDandroSID 07/02/2019 at 12:380 Comments

I was lazy busy in the last weeks... mainly stitching upcoming die shots
which I had to verify/check in time for errors for future projects. (Hint hint: Stay tuned!).

Anyway I redid (stitching) the MOS6509R7 just for fun:

Metal <-> Poly layer of MOS6509R7

Well... to be honest:

Actually there was no point doing the MOS6509R7 again as I already
reversed the relevant parts. In fact I did it not for fun but in order to improve
my workflow and to speed up development by using the vectorized die shot
directly for simulation.