New protoype working!

A project log for MockA65xx - Universal 6502/85xx CPU replacement

Project to reverse-engineer and create edge-level exact replacements for major MOS6502-derivatives and also other MOS/CSG chips!

androSIDandroSID 11/11/2019 at 20:390 Comments

Having enjoyed (no... not really) a quite long pause from this project I got back to it a few days ago.

Doing a major revamp of the Top Level Interface I finally made all external timings (Setup, hold times etc.) adjustable and made the whole thing 100% edge level exact to the "real thing" now. I'm glad that the new hardware and new FPGA code are working... but see yourself:

The next

The next steps will be 6510 (once again to be able to run the Lorenz Test Suite) and the 8501 as this one seems to be needed... maybe the only one of the bunch!? LOL