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Ted YapoTed Yapo 05/17/2019 at 11:430 Comments

I almost gave up on openEMS because building it was a challenge at first. With enough digging through the forums and experimenting, I finally got it going. I present here the recipe for building on Linux Mint 19.1 - I've tried this on a fresh install in a VM, and it works. If all else fails on your platform of choice, you can always spin up a Mint VM yourself and work in there.

sudo apt-get install autogen autoconf libtool automake autotools-dev build-essential git cmake libhdf5-dev libvtk6-dev libboost-all-dev libcgal-dev libtinyxml-dev libqt4-dev libvtk6-qt-dev libhpdf-dev gengetopt

git clone --recursive

cd openEMS-Project/

./ ~/opt/openEMS --with-hyp2mat --with-CTB --with-MPI

You will also need to install GNU Octave and ParaView, but those are in the package repos.