A project log for Learning openEMS

Less of a project than a collection of blog posts

Ted YapoTed Yapo 05/17/2019 at 12:300 Comments

Here's what I've found for links about starting with openEMS. I'll update this as I find more info.


The source code.

The Forum

There's a ton of info in the posts, but it can be very difficult to find. For one thing, the search function doesn't allow searches like "Gaussian step" because the words are "too common".

The good thing about the forum is that Thorsten, who wrote the software, is active and answers questions. I haven't felt the need to bother him yet, but I'm getting there.

The Wiki

Very useful in some places; spotty and link-busted in others, this seems like the best starting point.

The Tutorials

There are a lot of examples here. Mostly RF and antenna stuff, which isn't necessarily applicable to what I'm doing at the moment.