StuPD (USB-C PD Adjustable Power supply)

USB-C PD adjustable V&A output. Allowing you to have a portable power supply on the go!

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StuPD (Student Power Delivery ... Yes I know very creative.) is a variable output power supply which allows students or hobbyists or anyone to have a variable voltage output that they can use for their own projects.

Inspired by the congested laboratory at my previous uni filled with panicking students trying to get their assignments done few days before the due date. I thought it'd be a great idea for student who want to work on their own projects to have their own variable power-supply.

1. Adjustable Voltage from: 1 - 12 V*

2. Adjustable Current from: 0.010 - 2 A*

3. Portable and handheld. Allowing you to take it with your bag

4. Voltage and Current readings shown onboard screen.

5. Maximum Power request negotiation from USBC Charger

6. Automatic voltage input detection and limiter to avoid damaging USBC power Supplier.

* These values are estimated. They might change to a higher or lower value.

StuPD is meant to be hand-held and portable in your bag just as it would with your USBC Power supply. This is not meant to replace current industry remarked desktop variable power supplies. In fact, should you have the room in your workstation and the finances, I'd highly suggest that you purchase those instead of this. 

The concept of StuPD is to let you move around with your USBC Charger and have the option to have an adjustable powersupply with you. Currently rated at 2A* output at 12V* max, StuPD will let you adjust the voltage and current ranges for whatever end purpose that you plan on using it as. Future improvements are yet to come and I'd be counting my chicken before they hatch at this rate to mention them.

StuPD will have a adjustable Buck Boost converter with a relayed clean output voltage and current mode.

This is currently a project that I am working on my own and does require a really long to work. If you have any comments, feedback on any of the designs, you're free to leave down below. If you want to help out, I'd really appreciate that indeed. 

There are couple of things I'd like to do further, that is to get a case for the design and good knobs... mmm... everyone does like a good knobs. Originally I wanted to use an e-paper display but I don't think it would for a faster response to the current and voltage reading. This would be a serious issue if the DUT is having a hiccup situation. I will implement CC/CV indicator LEDs too. 

I would really like to expand on this further so there will be a few more revisions coming up. 

  • Hej

    Tobius Daichi08/30/2019 at 02:00 0 comments

    That's Hello in Danish according to Google translate.

    I've finally got some sometime to spare working on StuPD. Here is an image of what's happening briefly:

    This could be like you know those sneak-peeks and like trailer of something kewl and stuff. 

    ... This is the part where you get excited and then get upset that I don't have any updates in about a month or so. Reasonably so my friend! 

    Thanks and I'll keep you posted on any updates I have anything.

  • Hallo

    Tobius Daichi08/15/2019 at 06:23 0 comments

    Yes. I think I am going with the theme of just about every greeting that can be written in ASCII/Latin. Heh.

    Okay. First of all, 3+Pi got featured on Hackaday and you can find out more at 3+pi project page. As of now, StuPD has been my primary project to work on outside my usual 9-5 work. This project is rather challenging that I'd originally thought and for that ironic reason, I keep coming back to it thinking of all the possible ways I can do something better, add this feature, subtract this, do that. It's great and I love doing that. 

    Now, a few updates on StuPD. 

    - Adding a screw terminal + DC Barrel to accommodate other types of power supplies that are available outside USB-C. Yes I know this is rather streamlining to other types of power supplies but the USB-C module will be optional if not attached together to allow people to use what type of supply they want. I had a look at consumer grade usb-c supplies and ... oh... they are pricey. 

    - Optional Display unit. This was a major cost factoring decision I have (had) to make. Even a generic 16x2 COG/STN display costs about $10AUD which is quite high for my small quantities and really shouldn't be that much. I know I can get cheaper ones from Ali-express or other sources but that would be difficult to source and sustain.  Instead, I am putting the STM MCU to work as VCOM high speed stream to the PC which will display the Voltage & Current allowing you to do same things as mentioned in the description but on a PC. I'm still figuring out how to avoid any software issues and interrupt features to avoid any issues. There is going to be a hardware switch most definitely but beyond that, there will be the display option as a stand-alone.

    - Price is a huge factor here. Like I did mention earlier, that you can use a BuckBoost from ebay and set that as your PSU given StuPD has just about the same features. I want StuPD to have more features as a stand alone and also additional to that, have features to let students/hobbyists or anyone to log their power consumption and do some reports for their own work. I think that's a great feature which students especially will love. 

    -Time. I need more time :'( It's not easy working on this alone, bleeding my own savings working when I'm tired from work. But I'll do my best, even if it takes me a long time. These types of projects are my passionate, my love, my ambition and what define me as a person. I cannot rush them and will take time to work and make sure that people like you have something that you'd like to use and be inspired.

    On that note, I wanted to start a form kickstarter or similar, but I am no good with handling money nor am I going to afford a graphics designer telling you how StuPD is going cure cancer (...It won't. It's just a simple PSU) I had once thought of doing a live stream working and talking through my designs accepting donations so that you the viewer can benefit by not only learning something but benefiting from the stream. But Time. :(

    Anyway, thanks for reading. I'll get to what I can do for now and work on it as much as I can.. 

  • Bonjour

    Tobius Daichi07/07/2019 at 14:11 0 comments


    I've changed some bits and pieces on the board to perform a bit different from any regular usb-c based supply.

    This will take a while. Yes I've also left a kind note to myself to work on the MCU bit which is incomplete. Lots of things are incomplete. 

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