The Enigma Z30 Simulator Lives

A project log for Nano Z30 a Numbers Only Enigma Machine Simulator

A minimalist 130x74mm Numbers Only Enigma Z30 Machine Simulator using an ATMega 328 powered Arduino Nano and a custom PCB

Arduino EnigmaArduino Enigma 05/22/2019 at 00:240 Comments

This is the Z30, a charmingly weird Enigma Machine capable of encrypting only numbers.

I have been considering how to make a PCB version of the Z30 for a while. Here is an earlier layout.

And the same layout with tilted buttons, inspired by the hackaday supercon badge.

Designing the Mega Enigma got me thinking about display and keyboard circuits. Version 2 was designed to use components already on hand from the Sinclair Scientific and Art Installation projects The only thing that needs to be ordered is the board (approx $13 for 5).

The first things to be connected were the display segments to a horizontal bus bar. The lamps and keys were separated into return lines with no more than 8 devices each.

Little by little, the design started taking shape (always do the hardest connections first) and 3 hours after starting to lay copper down, all the connections were finalized.

This design passes DRC and amuzingly it was wired only using the default 24 mil traces. Next step is to map the pins to the devices they connect.