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Ricohote? Ricmote? It's a remote for a Ricoh GR II camera.

morganmorgan 08/16/2019 at 04:492 Comments

Now that babies first Def Con is in the bag and I can slow a bit on #The Cacoffiny I want to revisit this project. Last I left it it was in pretty good shape but I've had a couple more considerations over the last month. The first is wanting to give #SOICbite Programming/Debug Connector Footprint a try and as I wanted to forgo the USB interface for this project anyhow it seemed like a good fit. That change was put in a couple weeks ago.

The other change I only thought of on my way home from Vegas, after listening to the latest Hackaday Podcast (#30). The discussion on the soon to be defunct Ama$on Dash got me thinking about soft power switching. I feel like this is a good fit, it could potentially go 3 or 4 weeks between uses, it doesn't need to do anything while not directly in use so why waste power on deep sleep at all?

The entire schematic has been uploaded but here's the relevant part. There's a somewhat janky Falstad simulation so I guess it'll work. Any thoughts? Has anyone else done a soft power switch with an ESP32? And being that I'm going to use this button during normal use, I'm guessing I should still debounce it but am having trouble figuring out how/where (in Falstad at least). I'm thinking a cap between BTN and R4 connected to ground should do but not 100% sure.


Simon Merrett wrote 08/16/2019 at 18:08 point

Can't speak to the soft switch but please post images when you get your #SOICbite Programming/Debug Connector Footprint adorned boards in hand. I haven't seen the footprint in the wild yet other than on my own boards, so this is exciting news! Send feedback to the github repo as an issue if changes are needed. 

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morgan wrote 08/16/2019 at 19:08 point

Certainly will!

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