Homemade Cyclotron (Particle Accelerator)

A 10" diameter operational cyclotron that can accelerate protons near the speed of light!

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The cyclotron was built using items found around my local area at a very cheap price or for free. A fridge compressor, cathode ray tube T.V., a microwave, and a fire extinguisher were used to build the cyclotron to be portable and accessible to anyone. The compressor acts a "roughing pump" and the fire extinguisher acts as a sorption pump. The inside of the extinguisher is filled with zeolite cat litter (acts as a molecular sieve) and the container is submerged in cool bath made out of acetone and dry ice to bring the temperature of about -78 degrees celsius. Cold enough to freeze the air molecules inside the vacuum chamber and trapping them with the cat litter. The total vacuum in the chamber is about 10 millitorr ( atmospheric pressure is about 760 torr ) which is good enough to accelerate protons. A cathode ray tube television is used to pick up the magnetic field from the cyclotrons magnetic poles.

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