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A project log for rPi bare metal vGuitar rig

An attempt to create a working live guitar rig that includes effects, midi synthesizers, loopers, controllers, and user feedback systems.

PatrickPatrick 09/05/2019 at 00:260 Comments


I have moved the source code for my modifications of Circle to Github.   

This is after updating, today, to the latest Circle source which supports the rPi 4.

I re-forked the Circle source and re-applied my changes for better upwards compatibility with future releases by rsta.


There are two Github repositories: contains my Fork of Circle, with as few changes as I could make to get my stuff to compile and work.

You should be able to clone and build the above completely separately from any of my specific changes, below. contains my Additions to Circle.  This repository gets cloned to a folder called "_prh" within the above repository. 

This change minimizes the amount of work I have to do as rsta provides new updates to Circle.

The previous repository at Bitbucktet has been eliminated.

- Patrick