So, I need to build a simple “proof of concept” looper at this point

A project log for rPi bare metal vGuitar rig

An attempt to create a working live guitar rig that includes effects, midi synthesizers, loopers, controllers, and user feedback systems.

PatrickPatrick 11/05/2019 at 19:300 Comments

I spend a lot of time writing documents to myself.    I have several "object oriented" design and architecture documents in the works, that i've started, around this general project.  

The main problem is that the project domain extends in so many directions, on so many dimensions, at the same time, that it has become difficult to manage, and that has somewhat affected my motivation to keep pressing forward.

The last few months have seen me mostly playing with 3d printing, and most recently, blowing the dust off of my existing rig in the Synthbox 1 project.  In doing so I've been practicing with the old rig, using Quantiloop Pro on the iPad as my looper.  In this configuration I keep running into the limitations in that software regarding switching between sequential and parallel looping between songs and adding and controlling layers in sequential loops.

So, I think the next push will be to make a simple proof of concept Looper.   This looper *should* be as functional as the existing Quantiloop program and steer away from introducing new paradigms for control and layering except to address the actual issues I am experiencing using said software in actual live gigs.

I envision a 4x4 (four sequences with upto four layers per sequence) looper, possibly with a dedicated designed and printed foot contorller.

Even so, architecturally, from a software perpective, this next step in the project is challenging. 

I never said my goals were modest **, and the result is that I have bitten off a tremendous amount to chew.   This bare metal v-guitar project, as it stands, has expanded outwards in many different dimensions, and frankly, is becoming difficult to manage.   Here are some of my main feelings at this point:

Without even getting into the synth or guitar effects parts of the project, a looper seems like the safest, as well as simplest, application that I can move forward on.    For testing I can continue to use the iPad synth (Sampletank 3) or even just the straight guitar, as input, as I keep exploring those avenues (including messing around with the Zynthian that I built, and/or building my own guitar effects).   I *could* even end up using a commercially availalble  guitar effects pefal, like a GR3X effects pedal, with such a proof-of-concept, dedicated, looper, if I wanted to.

And in spite of the fact that I have an AudioInjector Octo (6-in, 8-out) sound card working, it may be too much initial complexity to try to also incorporate the extra dimension of controlling and utilizing multiple inputs and outputs into and out of the looper in a proof-of-concept design.   So, I think the initial looper will probably just be stereo-in and stereo-out ... only on the guitar/synth .... not the vocals, or additional inputs like mics on the bongos or steel-pan, like I think could potentially happen, and be really cool, in the future.


So there you have it.   A pep talk to myself.   If anyone is following anything I'm talking about, I appreciate and welcome any and all comments and suggestions.


- Patrick

** asterisk :-)  .... essentially I am writing an operating system for the rPI.  Not really where I thought I would be after 9-10 months on the project.