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A project log for Mica Sunglasses

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David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 05/26/2019 at 21:450 Comments

I realized that I was working in the wrong units for the wire arms, they were also too short to be usable. Scaling them up wasn't a big deal and they still look "right."

From there I also made a new frame, it will have a channel cut to accept the mica. I haven't modeled the nose bridge, which could really use a redesign and I will also need to integrate the arm pivots into the frame before this is really usable. Overall it seems possible though.

Some details like the arm screw size and inset will need to change.

The actual look of the frame could use some help too, but this is progress.

The frame is 2mm thick as shown. Arms are ~120mm long.

I also received the V1 Mica samples, haven't tried cutting or flex tests yet.

Yay for local businesses! Also note that I seriously blanked on the size; moral of the story, don't order supplies late at night. The upside is that I can do lots of tests now. This means that my *estimates* on how much the lenses will cost were pretty.... VERY off.

The lenses in the above model are 52x25mm very small for "sunglasses" The largest I can order locally are 50x75mm at $60. This means if I make the lenses 50x25 and don't make a single mistake I will be able to make fifteen pairs. $4 a pair (for the lenses) sounds pretty good to me, and honestly... fifteen pairs sounds like a decent small run.

So then the real question becomes whether a single sheet is dark enough or whether they will need to be stacked. The most I can imagine stacking them is three layers deep, for a combined thickness of around .6mm. That would drive costs of the lens assembly to $12-15 a pair, and only five frames. Assuming I choose this course of action it would allow for a budget of around $100 to produce each frame, which sounds doable.

Anyways, here is a single sample.

Better photos will follow when I do testing.