AEMLOVE Revision 2

A project log for Designing a solar harvesting blinking gadget

Based on earlier solar harvesting projects I wanted to design a solar harvesting gadget

Jasper SikkenJasper Sikken 05/25/2019 at 06:180 Comments

In Februari 2019 I designed revision 2.

I changed following specifications

What I've learned from revision 2 PCB

I also wanted to experiment with waterproofing because it must be wearable. The boards were poured over with super clear epoxy resin.

The epoxy was pretty thin. In the beginning it made a nice layer but after 6 hours most of the epoxy dripped off the board. It does not have same thickness everywhere. The epoxy does not fill the holes around the supercapacitor because it is too thin. The epoxy layer on the surface mount solar cells is actually ugly