A project log for Designing a solar harvesting blinking gadget

Based on earlier solar harvesting projects I wanted to design a solar harvesting gadget

jasper-sikkenJasper Sikken 08/20/2019 at 11:190 Comments

Changes in AEMLOVE R9

Below is the schematic design

I had 10 boards assembled at Elecrow 

They did a great job with the PCB and soldering

I have created a simple pen shaped PCBA test tool. It is to test the PCBA after assembly and before the solar panel and supercapacitors are soldered. It's just a small perf board with four 0.1" pitch male headers, a 1.5V alkaline battery to simulate a solar panel and a 220uF capacitor to simulate the supercapacitor. When the LEDs on the AEMBLINK board start to blink I know that the AEM10941 and the TPL5110 circuits work correctly. It also has a LED on the 1.8V output from the board. I 

The super capacitor is full in 5 minutes in full sun.

Blinking duration is at least 8 hours on a full super capacitor.

I have tested blink duration with with 20, 27, 33 and 43 ohm LED series resistance. All 10 assembled boards blinked for at least 8 hours with a 33R series resistance. 

So far what I've learned