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How small an area can I cram 6 APA102-2020s?

morganmorgan 05/28/2019 at 03:030 Comments

I've added the design files for the controller portion of the project. I decided to just lay out a basic board as an excuse to try out these Micro-32 modules I ran into. Right now the board uses an LIS3DH but I'm still waffling on LSM6DS3H (mostly because I have a couple). Got a couple small things to do, add programming header mostly and I think it'll be ready to go.

I decided to go with a single tube and run 4 wires for simplicity. The large pad is for mounting the tube but is also connected to pin 1 (GND), if 4 wires is too snug, I can use the tube itself as GND.

Other than that the board is pretty straight forward. The Micro-32 module is quite nice as it's only 13mm wide! I plan to mount this inside a wooden handle, the overall board is only 20mm wide and will be paired with my present favorite 500mAh lipo coming in at about 15mm wide.

I'm shooting for a handle diameter of around 25mm but will depend how I end up cutting the compartment to house this.