Ideal Pad Placement/Draw String Closure?

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How small an area can I cram 6 APA102-2020s?

morganmorgan 05/28/2019 at 04:490 Comments

Alternative post title: And Another Thing....

I've still been mulling over the ideal pad placement and keep thinking if I try to mount the cube to the tube, internally and as a connection, the cube won't sit the way I want. Rather than to opposite corner being perpendicular to the tube, one of the walls or an edge would be.

I figured it made the most sense to run 4 wires through the tube and only connect the tube for a structural connection. I need to get some more tubing in order to determine how small a tube I can get away with, while allowing all 4 (3 is *reeeeally* needed) to pass thought it. Once I have that I can appropriately size the hole below D2. This will need exposed copper around it to hold.

Aaaaaand there isn't a lot of room.
The OD of the largest tube on #Venusian Star Palm is 3mm... If I'm unable to get 3/4 wires down a <2mm (yeah, more like 1.5mm with clearance) I think I can add 3 solder tabs to make contact with the tube, then that cutout will be strictly to bring the wire inside the cube.


As I was working my way though this I realized it is only a few modification away from being a blooming flower. I don't have the time for that right now and will stick to my original plan.... but it's a good starting point.


This was realized quickly enough I'll just go with an edit...
If the tabs are in fact needed, I will do away with that circular opening and flip the cube. This will allow 3 full sized tabs to solder to.