A project log for Prototype SCARA Mark II

My second SCARA project. This time it will be twice as big and geared.

agp.cooperagp.cooper 06/07/2019 at 02:380 Comments


While I have been waiting for the end-mills, drill bits, 6mm acrylic sheets and acrylic glue to arrive, I have been working on other projects. The orders have arrived and I have finished the other projects.

Where was I?

Here is may last plan for 6 mm thick acrylic:

My last Section:

May last layout for my CNC mill:

The layout shows two slew bearings while the section has three bearings. The prototype bearing was quite good so I don't think I need the second bearing on the tower.

I also have not really considered the tower and the base board.

CNC Mill Parameters

Base Board

The working envelop needs to be 2:1, the key assumptions are:

I calculated the following:

Dy 173.735 Working Area Height
Dx 347.469 Working Area Width
L1 200.000 Arm 1 Length
L2 150.000 Arm 2 Length
A1Min -6.143 Calculated Motor 1 Range (Min)
A1Max 115.600 Calculated Motor 1 Range (Max)
A2Min 10.000 Motor 2 Range (Set Min)
A2Max 140.000 Motor 2 Range (Set Max)
Ox -173.735 Bottom Left Corner
Oy 128.598 Bottom Left Corner

Here is the base board layout including the tower location:

It fits on a 400 mm x 400 mm board. This layout has a effectively wider feet spacing.

The normal layout is still 400 mm x 400 mm:

Tower Design

TBC ...

Limit Switches

TBC ...