Mounting the cameras

A project log for Fox.Build PNP

This is an attempt to bring pick and place capability to our makerspace based on the work done by Erich Styger

shane.snipeshane.snipe 08/17/2019 at 16:200 Comments

Cameras Mounting

One of the big unknowns was how to hold the cameras.  Erich was kind enough to answer my question about how high to mount the down facing camera. The answer was to align it with the bottom of the pick head.  I had a goal of keeping the two camera holders as similar as possible and just changing the aluminum brackets that held the camera.  In the end, I made new acrylic brackets with thin white acrylic top piece as a diffuser. 

Here is a screen shot of the top facing camera. I wanted to put the camera above the aluminum straps but it would stick up above the board and could get hit.  

Here it is from the bottom. The big circle is to hold the ring LED and  there is a square hole in the back to get the wires and switch out. 

Here it is on the back of the pick and place head. I am thinking about shaving off the lower sensor holder bracket so I can bring it down a bit and make it even with the bottom of the head.

Sorry I have put in all the screws yet.

Got to love the laser cutter. We call it cut and try!

Here is how it looks lit up.

Looks like the next step is routing the wires from the pnp head to under the boards with the cable chains.