Headless CNC Motion Controller

A STM32 based motion controller project for the community to build on, ideal for robotics and automation jobs.

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Here I present you an initiative what I really feel is a need for the open source community. This idea came from the company I work for, we constantly needed a way to run simple programs without having to implement an entire software platform just to hardcode the movements, this is also quite inefficient since timing control combined with external inputs, some outputs like relays or transistors for, say, a pneumatic cylinder, or an object detection proximity sensor, makes coding a bit tedious. Or ladder if you're into PLC's.

So it came to our minds to use a gcode interpreter to do this, but first, we found out that pretty much all headless interpreters were quite expensive, or for 3D printers, and all of them lack some important instructions that could change the way we use gcode. For example, we can interact with external signals from sensors or switches, do pauses [delays] and rewind the code to the beginning or jump to a certain line.

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