• Inital Design

    Ian Weber06/16/2019 at 07:57 0 comments

    My prototype is composed a 4 subsystems:

    1. An Arduino Nano
      1. Arduino is popular, and I want to make this project as replicate-able as I can
      2. I had a nano on my bench from a previous project
    2. UART Speed Selector
      1. This is handle by a set of 8 DIP switches that I keep stocked
      2. Setting UART speed at compile time would limit the usefulness of this project
        1. If I somehow use up the 32K memory space on the ATMEGA32 I will consider making this a compile time option instead
    3. SAO 1.69 Header
      1. Cannot have a shitty add-on without a shitty add-on header
        1. I need to collect as much existing badge information as is reasonable to make useful I2C commands
    4. UART Header
      1. I am using the Hackaday Supercon 2018 badge as a model for the UART from the badge

    The hardware prototype is currently soldered on a breadboard on my workbench. Photos are too follow.