TinTTY v2: Tiny Touchscreen VT100 Console

Arduino Uno-powered terminal emulator on a 2.4" TFT with an on-screen touch keyboard

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A couple of years ago I set out to build a tiny VT100-compatible serial terminal emulator using widely available parts from the Arduino ecosystem ( At the time, small size was my main goal, and I succeeded - but the end result turned out to be just unreadable. Plus, serial consoles are expected to have full input capability, and that was hard to cram into tiny dimensions. This is a reboot of that effort, now using a (slightly) bigger screen with touch input. Also, I want to keep the core terminal emulator logic (the ANSI control escape sequence parser) reusable to be portable across different screen drivers and even platforms. The source code is on GitHub:

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Gerard wrote 04/05/2024 at 13:20 point

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Gerard wrote 03/21/2024 at 11:31 point

Hello, i want to replicate this project.
Where can i find which board, and Schematics?

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Gravis wrote 03/22/2024 at 21:50 point

The software repo tells you. It's an Arduino with a "2.4 inch Touch TFT LCD Display Shield"
More info and buy here:

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