Hand-Cranked Mobile Phone Charger

This Hand-Cranked Mobile Phone Charger uses a dual axial-flux generator to produce electricity.

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The Charger is powered by dual axial flux generator to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. This type of generator was preferred over D.C. motor as it allows generation of electricity even at relatively low speed. Noise reduction is also achieved for this type of generator.

The mechanical energy is produced when the device is twisted and released. This is accomplished with the use of a torsion spring through which the torque is stored when the device is twisted. The twisting force will then cause the rotor of the axial flux generator to rotate which will then produce electricity. To store the generated electricity more efficiently, a super capacitor will be used.

In the design, I tried to make the device as robust as possible to make it reliable for users. This device is primarily intended for travelers and explorers. This project aims to address the need for portable charging to complement the absence of solar in certain environments.

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