Photomultiplier experiment

A project log for Vacuum tube game in 21st century

Playing vacuum tube is not so difficult as expected. Let's play great heritage of human being by modern technology!

kodera2tkodera2t 07/21/2019 at 07:410 Comments

Eventually the tube is getting the present age. The tube is "photomultiplier", which is famous for the high-sensitive photon detector in Super Kamiokande (detect micro-weak light from Cherenkov radiation in a big water pool.) The tube requires high voltage, ideally 1000V for higher gain, but I know how it is dangerous. So this time I made 4x voltage rectifier for AC100, which can generates around 560V DC.

The tube is IP28, which has 9-stage photo multiplier, so 553V/9=61V is applied for each stage. Voltage divider is just series ohmic resistor as shown in the picture below.

The circuit is quite primitive but I confirmed its operation as very initial experiment as shown in the movie below. The next step will be radiation detection (I hope it will work as Geiger counter..) together with proper scintillator...