Prototypes moving along!

A project log for SEAL: System of Electromagnetic Assisted Locking

A smart trash can that will SEAL itself when knocked over by wind

jeannieJeannie 08/21/2019 at 12:400 Comments

New Prototype! We have successfully designed and received our PCB’s and we are very excited to start using them. We have also switched from arduino microcontrollers to pic16 microcontrollers and other new sensors, which will significantly reduce power consumption. We have also discovered a new way to attach our device to the trash can using suction cups, and are excited to test and tinker with them. We have designed a new case to use with the suction cups and have also switched to lithium-polymer batteries to save space and also be sustainable.  The suction cups are important because we found out that physically modifying the trash can voids it's warranty. We have been working on ways to attach our device that will provide enough strength without voiding the warranty. Finally, we moved to a modular case that will give us greater flexibility if we need to exchange or modify components. We are getting the device smaller and smaller with each prototype, and are excited to keep improving our device.