Okay, so I don't know about most other people but I for one an constantly losing the various remote controls in my living room to a point at which I decided enough was enough.

I wanted a single device that I couldn't lose to replace all the remotes, the simplest way to solve this was to screw the device to the wall but this brings up several more problems like how do i use something that is not in my hand and how do i point it in such a way that it can see all the required devices.

This lead me to the ever popular ESP8266 WiFi module. I chose the Arduino IDE for development as I just wanted to knock this together quickly and it was already installed :-).

The case was designed in TinkerCAD and allows the device to be mounted in the top corned of the room where it should have a good view of all the devices to be controlled.

The ESP serves two web pages, one that allows the user to setup the remote tabs and buttons as well as record the IR codes from existing physical remotes. The other page is the main interface displaying the remote and button layouts as described previously. 

When the user clicks a button on the web page the ESP produces the corresponding sequence of IR flashes using the trio of IR LED's on the board.