Proofing Box

Temperature controlled proofing box for dough/bread.

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My partner started baking bread with sourdough last summer. When baking with sourdough, you must let the dough rest for a much longer period than with commercial yeast. It's also important to maintain a controlled temperature of 22-28°C. This was fine to just leave out at room temperature in summer, but it's far too cold in winter.I thought this would be the perfect excuse to build something with an Arduino.The idea is to create a box that can maintain a constant temperature by turning on/off a heating element based on the current temperature inside the box.This takes inspiration from the following project:

Code for this project can be found on github.

  • 1 × Polystyrene Storage Box 40L Foodgrade Container w/ Lid
  • 1 × Heat Mat 28x28cm 14W Reptile Brooder Incubator Pet Heating Pad
  • 1 × Temperature and Humidity Sensor AM2302
  • 1 × RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino SparkFun
  • 1 × Rotary Encoder

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  • Working proof of concept

    Michael08/16/2019 at 23:16 0 comments

    This is a working proof of concept for the proofing box.

    Everything is working, and the 14W heater provides enough heat to get the box up to 25 degrees easily.

    Next steps:

    - Solder to permaproto board.

    - Move electionics to a small plastic box.

    - Add a transformer so that it doesn't require 2 power sockets.

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davide.frey wrote 11/19/2020 at 08:28 point

hi! Nice setup. But it looks like you are measuring the temperature very close to the heating element. What is the temperature gradient inside the box? I was thinking of placing a thermistor at the top and one at the bottom, or is that too overkill? 

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