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A project log for PAM8301 Breakout Board

Simple breakout for the PAM8301 Class-D Mono Audio Amplifier.

arturo182arturo182 06/16/2019 at 22:460 Comments

I have now received the boards and assembled one device.

I connected it to my SAMD51 Breakout Board running CircuitPython and tried to play a wav file, with no luck. 

I couldn't understand why wouldn't it work, it's such a simple design, I suspected the jumper wires. In the end it took me some time, but I realized that my SAMD51 board doesn't have the analog reference connected! 

Luckily, that pin doubles as a GPIO, so I had it broken out. I connected 3.3V on it and got reliable and fairly clean audio! The only problem is that it is a bit quiet. 

I am using a 5mm buzzer here, I compared it to the 7.5mm one used in the Circuit Playground Express and that one is a lot louder. I might make another revision with a larger speaker footprint. But first I might test it out with an external speaker.

Overall, success :)