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A project log for Getting online with a 1987 Psion Organiser II

Bringing an Eighties handheld classic into 2019 with a little help from a Raspberry Pi. At least, that's the idea.

James FosseyJames Fossey 06/08/2019 at 20:560 Comments

So this week I've soldered the low-voltage side of the SparkFun converter board 'onto' the Raspberry Pi. I've let four long leads run freely from the high-voltage side of the board that can be pushed into the pins of the Psion top slot (breadboard-style!)

I've put the connections so far into a table. Now I need to put a fresh Raspbian Lite on the Pi and try to work out how to 'use' the Psion top slot. I believe it has 3 general purpose pins that can be read and written to using some kind of machine code. This page is proving very interesting

PiLogic level converter
(low voltage side)
Logic level converter
(high voltage side)
Top Slot
Pin 1 (3.3V)
Low Voltage reference
High Voltage reference
Pin 13
Pin 6 (Ground)
Pin 9
Pin 10 (GPIO15)
Low Voltage 1
High Voltage 1
Pin 15
Pin 8 (GPIO14)
Low Voltage 4
High Voltage 4
Pin 16