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A project log for Getting online with a 1987 Psion Organiser II

Bringing an Eighties handheld classic into 2020 with a little help from a Raspberry Pi and a Bluetooth chip.

James FosseyJames Fossey 12/06/2019 at 20:240 Comments

Hello again! It's been a while. I haven't done much with the Organiser II recently (except using it as an alarm clock and diary) but I hope to do the Bluetooth thing soon...

Here are some heavily-overdue pictures of the project as it currently looks. The modified Psion Comms Link is plugged into the Organiser. Three wires link it to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi (transmit, receive & ground). I'm hoping to replace these three wires with a Bluetooth chip nestled inside the Comms Link box so that the Pi and Organiser can talk wirelessly.

Those three spindly wires connect to the Pi's GPIO pins
Here's to 20 years of defeating Y2K (some Organisers aren't so lucky)
The menu of programs seen when you switch the OrgII on. Not too dissimilar to your iPhone.