• We have lift off

    Vadim Radu02/22/2021 at 17:49 0 comments

    Just a quick update. The board was assembled and tested with SAM-BA.

    In order to reach full working Linux distro a few things are needed:

    • AT91Bootstrap - SPL -  configured and flashed on NOR memory, a pull-request was opened with the config used.
    • uBoot - needs to be configured and validated for this board
    • kernel - the uC has mainline support, pretty close in config to uBoot
    • rootfs - a busybox enviroment for starters would be great.

  • Boards arrived

    Vadim Radu06/28/2019 at 13:37 2 comments

    Boards came from fab after a small delay. Excited to test the power stage and populate the components.

    I will follow-up with bootloader preparation, board flashing and buildroot procedures.