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Add more things to lovley Board Game

skorpion-31Skorpion-31 09/18/2019 at 07:160 Comments

Befor i build the next PCB i startet testing all components and if they are working together as planed. I added an Port extander for controlling the corners were the player settlements and citys were placed. I need to reinvent the players street detection my current solution doesn't work. I changed the pin configuration. For example i started Using the ACD 6 and or 7 on the Atmega328 chip to get a full IO-Port. 

Last thing i need to do, stop the RFID modul so it wont need current when not used. Maybe i can change the Output pins to input or something else. 

After that ther will be a new final PCB Version, maybe i create a second new with support on standard parts like arduino nano so beginners can solder the boards by themself.

See you later...