The Master is alive, the Client didnt hear it

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Add more things to lovley Board Game

skorpion-31Skorpion-31 04/12/2021 at 10:590 Comments

Hello and nice to see you again,

the project is still in process and takes it way to get finish. So let‘s talk about some details:

Client Tile

First of all i changed some in the PCB and schematic for every tile. They got an step down regulator and a linear hall sensor, i hope to get better results in detecting the Robber on top of the tile.  To drive the Tiles safe and without any problems in voltage drop i used a step down regulator so they can handle 12V. This step was necessary the voltage drop over all 55 Tiles is damn high. The typical  current at 5V was between 120mA to 200mA, so again the expected supply current was near to 11A. 

Master Tile

Its alive, the first version from Master has opened his eyes. It‘s a single tile that will Control the hole game and the communication between all periphery. It‘s brain is an Atmega 1284,  there is a DS3132 Realtime Clock, a 4MB I²C EEPROM , a HM19 Bluetooth Modul and a 2.4 Ghz Wirless Modul (not Wifi). 

The DS3132 is used to get a time for logging some data and control and maybe for future use. The EEPROM is used to store some game Data, statistics and logging in development process. 

To connect the periphery with the Master there are two Wireless Connections. I prefer using most of the time the 2.4 GHz Modul, but i plannd using the Pixels-Dice from Jean Simonet ( That‘s what the HM19 is for. 


I have noticed that i am not able to do all the stuff all by myself, so i asked Sarsay to help me out with the Software. We are working with Github if there is a near finished Version i will link it here. 

We added a onboard time, based on Minecraft time, that is used to make it look alive. Short example: A brick tile with an oven has an LED inside the oven and is Turnd on between 8 and 17 o'clock. 

Last some about the pictures, i had some trouble with the regulator so it looks so bad, i interchange R1 and R2 so the Voltage was at 1.3 Volt expect of 4.5. And i didn‘t change the Versionnumber but that‘s not the point.

On Master side i have short circuit the USB-C connector to i need to remove it. It was terrible. 

Again sorry for my bad english if someone has enought time, pls tell me where i did some errors.   

That‘s it for the moment, i hope to present you a working hard and software soon.