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Game modifications for using haptic instead of visual senses

jantharJanThar 06/07/2019 at 11:310 Comments

The idea here was finding the right pairs of Braille and Black Letters for learning Braille. Of course, since the Black letters are not readable for people who need Braille letters, for them an adapted version of Braille-Braille pairs would be better. To support learning we added an RFID tag in each card, such that the letter can be also read out loud. This allows also additional game features, like bets if thats the right pair from every player be using a dedicated bet card in future versions. For reading out we used first an arduino, progranmm by Rene Niewianda, with an Text-To-Speech-synthesizer, sounding like old school computer voices (a.k.a. horrible). Later we switched therefore to an MP3 player shield, again connected to the arduino with the RFID reader on top, code is still work in progress. For reducing movement of the cards by scanning the game field we added a grid structure. Of course there is still room for improvement: Our first idea with addtional hints on the grit is unnecessary overkill. Furthermore, the round edges of the card allow still a rotation of the cards within the grid. Then, just a 4*4 grid is complicate enough and should be also mounted on a base plate for handing the game field around. Main issue is of course that memory is mostly fun for the younger children. There is also an ongoing discussion if enlarged Braille letters as in this game are actually useful: People who can read braille are actually confused when the letter is bigger than the fingertip, where their normal reading approach didn't work.
Preliminary design files and code can be found here.